About Me

I am a full-time freelance web designer building handcrafted websites that meet the latest standards and trends in the industry. I am multi-talented person. Apart from web design, I offer other services like content creation (articles), and data entry. Go through my skill sets and certification below. 


Note: I am always available for work because I am a full time freelancer. 





WordPress Skills & Certification

WordPress theme customization

Junior WordPress Developer

Linkedin Learning

WordPress theme customization

Customizing a WordPress theme from Adobe XD

Linkedin Learning

WordPress Business Website

Building a Small Business Website with WordPress

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WordPress Ecommerce

Fundamentals of Ecommerce with WordPress

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WordPress WooCommerce

WordPress Ecommerce: WooCommerce

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WordPress Membership Website

Building a Paid Membership Website w

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WordPress SEO: Ecommerce Strategies

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WordPress Multi-site: LMS

WordPress for Education: Multisite

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HTML Skills & Cerification

HTML Essentials

HTML Essential Training

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Improving Web Design Coding Skills

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CSS Skills & Certification

CSS Essential

CSS Essential Training

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CSS Shorts

CSS Training

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CSS Layout

CSS: Float, Flexbox & Grid

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CSS Advanced Layout

CSS: Advanced Layout with Grid

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Creating a Responsive Websites

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Shopify Skills & Certification

Learning Shopify

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Other Skills

As stated earlier, I’m a gifted and multi-talented person. And as a full-time freelancer, I have time to do different types of freelance services. Below are some other services I offer apart from web design:


I grew up in an academic environment. One of my family members has a school where, instead of contracting the examination papers to commercial typist, we the family members were the typists. So I have been typing from my childhood, and have become a super-fast typist. Contact me for your typing work and get it in no distant time.


I am a good listener and someone that pays attention to details. And being a good typist, transcription shouldn't be a problem. I have been offering transcription services on Fivesquid.com since 2017. You can confirm my claims by checking reviews about my services on Fivesquid. Great customer satisfaction!


Being a blogger since 2012 when I started my journey into online freelancing, I have been writing my contents by myself. My strength lies on technical issues, I mean "How to" kind of contents. Lately, my focus has shifted to Cryptocurrency and the underlying technology that powers it - Blockchain.