Website Maintenance & Support Service

The internet is no longer a static place so you can set up a website and leave without regular maintenance, and expect everything to run smoothly. Routine maintenance ensure that your website is secure, safe and running at peak performance. And this maintenance must be carried out at a regular basis.

Most website owners do not perform regular maintenance (or do not perform maintenance at all) until something went wrong. This is not a good practice. If you want optimal performance of your website, regular maintenance is a must.

How often you perform a maintenance on your website depends on the type of website you run. If you run a big website with a lot of daily traffic, then you should run maintenance checklist every month.

Some of the routine maintenance to perform include the following:

  • Regular password change
  • Creating a complete backup of your website
  • Update themes and plugins
  • Check and delete spam comments
  • Form testing to ensure they function properly
  • Database optimization
  • Running performance tests
  • Find and fix 404 errors
  • Find and fix broken links
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit
  • Image optimization
  • Review site security logs
  • Troubleshoot maintenance tasks

I’m sure this is a lot of task for a busy professional like you. You might not have the time to handle all of these, that’s why full-time freelancers like me are here to help. Let me take the task of maintaining your website from your hands so you can use the time for other important tasks. I will do the heavy lifting while you focus on running your business.

Below is the meager sum I charge for different maintenance tasks:

  • Popular
  • PRO
Support Timenone30 minutes60 minutes
Website Updates
Theme and Plugin Updates
Offsite Backups30 days60 days90 days
Performance Optimization
Automatic Spam Removal
Security Monitoring
Up-time Monitoring
Monthly Report

Frequently Asked Questions on Support and Maintenance

Depending on the plan you opt for, you can enjoy a support time of between 60 minutes to 2 hours every month. I can use this time to help create new content or update existing ones, create new graphics, send out newsletter to your subscribers, or fix bugs on your site. Any extra time is billed according to my hourly rate. 

Certainly not! You can cancel your Support & Maintenance subscription anytime and services will terminate at the moment of cancellation. 

I cannot make such guarantee, however, my security process make being hacked much less likely. Additionally, you need to play your own role by making use of strong passwords and any good security configurations advice you receive.

No! Any support time allocation is for that specific month.

The monthly maintenance report will include completed updates, stored backups, security scans, optimizations, and analytics data.

You can get help by submitting a ticket here.